Bungie officially unveils Destiny

Bungie has decided to put an end to all the speculation surrounding its latest project Destiny….well….sort of.

The developers have released a new video on the game’s official YouTube page which highlights a bit of the game’s backstory and setting. Needless to say, it’s set far into the future, when a group of humans known as the “Guardians” are fighting off evil creatures that threaten humanities existence (shout out to the Science-Fiction Writer’s Handbook to Plot Cliches…).

The rest of the video is pretty ambiguous. It seems like Destiny will feature a persistent multi-player element, and is in the first stages of a ten-year development plan. There’s not much else we can say beyond that though, as the developers spend most of their time hyping up the game, instead of providing us with meaningful details.

Check out the video above, or head on over to the game’s official website for a little more information.

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