Here we go again, violent videogames and gun violence topic of PBS Newshour

Once again someone is pushing the videogame community’s hot button topic, the connection between violent videogames and real life violence, more specifically gun violence.  As part of a week-long series on gun violence and related issues, PBS Newshour will be exploring the connections between violent videogames and violent behavior on Tuesday, February 19th, check local listings for time.

The report will have PBS Newshour Senior Correspondent and Anchor Jeffrey Brown speaking with scientists who study the issue and will also sit down and play Call of Duty: Black Ops II with Stephen Totilo, executive editor of Kotaku. “I encourage anybody who criticizes violent video games to try one,” said Totilo.  “The experience of playing it is very different than that of watching it.”

I am very interested in seeing this episode of Newshour because not too long ago, people were blaming videogames left and right for every act of violence children committed, I would like to see what the year 2013 says about the connection between violence and videogames.