Injustice Battle Arena puts classic villains against each other

In order to give gamers a closer look at the characters of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Warner Bros. Interactive has been releasing a series of videos titled ‘Injustice Battle Arena’. The weekly video series allows fans to vote on the winner as DC characters battle it out in the arena.

For week 2, The Flash and Sazam went one on one showing off their skills and moves. In the end, the fans voted for Flash to be the victor.

We also got to see two of the biggest DC villains take on each other. Joker and Lex Luther battled it out. The Joker’s sneaky (and at times humorous) moves were just too much for Luther’s tech and Joker moved on to the next round.

You can check out the videos below and to get in on the vote, check out the Injustice Battle Arena website.

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