New Star Trek: The Video Game “making of” video explores the co-op between Kirk and Spock

It’s been almost three years since the film remake of Star Trek, and apparently we are finally getting a videogame based off of it, entitled Star Trek: The Video Game (hey developers, videogame is supposed to be one word!). The creators of Star Trek: The Video Game began developing the title shortly after the film’s success. As even those of us who aren’t Trekkies can tell you (STAR WARS FOR LIFE), Star Trek‘s main protagonists were always Kirk and Spock; and just how the cooperation and relationship between the two men drive the plot of the film, so too will their unity help deliver a unique co-op experience on videogame consoles. As executive producer Brian Miller states: “Kirk is this brash cowboy character, whereas Spock is the exact opposite – and when you break down Star Trek to those elements, you had to make a co-op game. There was no other game we could possibly make.” Miller dives into more about the creation of Star Trek: The Video Game in the “making of” video below, which also includes info about juicy pre-order goodies at the end. The game actually looks pretty cool, and I am eager to see how two characters with opposite personalities work so well together cooperatively.

Star Trek: The Video Game is due to release on April 26th for the 360, PS3, and PC.

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