Hyper-violent Hotline Miami to butcher PS3s and Vitas in the spring

Current PC game Hotline Miami is coming to PS3 and Vita this spring via the PSN, says developer Dennaton Games and publisher Devolver Digital. This award-winning action game turned heads last fall, with its neon lights and sounds (welcome to Miami), thought-provoking narrative (which garnered Dennaton Games multiple awards and nominations from various videogame media outlets), and addictive, difficult gameplay (as well as gore galore). Hotline Miami has sold over 300,000 copies on the PC and was one of the sleeper hits of 2012. Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, is quite enthusiastic about Hotline Miami hitting Sony products, stating: “Our team have been fans of Hotline Miami from the very start and we are absolutely thrilled to have such a brilliant game launch on the PlayStation platform. The intense visuals and pulsing soundtrack are perfectly suited for PS3 and PS Vita and we can’t wait for PlayStation fans to see what Hotline Miami is all about.”

Developer Abstraction Games is handling the port of the game and bringing it to Sony’s platforms under Dennaton Games supervision (no pressure, guys!). Hotline Miami will also support Cross-Buy, meaning purchasers of the PS3 version will automatically be able to play the game on their Vita at no extra charge, and vice-versa. Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker is psyched to see Hotline Miami hit more platforms and be available to more people, jokingly saying: “The Devolver Digital team is hyped to see Hotline Miami hit PS3 and PS Vita. However, this Cross-Buy thing might prohibit me from achieving my long-standing dream of wearing a gold plated PS Vita around my neck. Total bummer.”

This game reminds me of Smash TV with its isometric view, violence, and challenge, so I am definitely interested in checking it out, since it kind of flew under my radar last year. More info on Hotline Miami can be found by following its Twitter here and Facebook page here.

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