Natsume Inc. announces Mystic Chronicles to be on the PSP this summer


Natsume Inc., publisher of the popular Reel Fishing series and the beloved Harvest Moon series, announced February 19th that it will bring Mystic Chronicles to the PlayStation Portable this summer.

Mystic Chronicles focuses on the adventures of Lux, a boy hoping to join the Guardians Guild in order to help vanquish evil. However, after he meets a young girl he finds himself playing a role greater than he could have imagined. Featuring retro graphics with beautiful illustration pop ups for dialogue this game is sure to draw in most role-playing gamers. As for the actual game play, it will be a traditional turn-based fighting system, the quests will be story-driven, and there is a Guardian Beast system which offers an exciting aspect of micromanagement.

With Natsume Inc.’s record of quality games, and Mystic Chronicles already having claimed status as a cult classic in Japan, Mystic Chronicles for the Playstation Portable will have high expectations as it finally comes to the North American market.

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