Irrational Games announces Season Pass for upcoming BioShock Infinite DLC

2K Games and Irrational Games announced today that they are already starting work on production of DLC for their eagerly anticipated BioShock Infinite, and have announced details regarding the quickly-becoming-the-norm Season Pass for the game (all the cool kids are doing it!). Three add-on packs are planned for BioShock Infinite, extending the game’s campaign while introducing new characters, weapons, abilities, and stories. The BioShock Infinite Season Pass will guarantee players access to these three pieces of DLC once they become available, and it can be pre-ordered now through the game’s website or at various retailers. The Season Pass will set gamers back $20 for the PC and PS3 or 1600 Microsoft Points for the 360 (a savings of more than 30%, for fans of this “buy now for content later” approach) and will be purchasable the same day BioShock Infinite launches: March 26th.

As a little sexy incentive for buying their Season Pass, Irrational Games is offering the Early Bird Special Pack free of charge, which contains: four pieces of exclusive gear (I want a bird costume with a worm handing out of its beak because that would be SO CLEVER), Machine Gun and Pistol Damage Upgrades with gold skins for each (no word on whether or not this will result in one hit kills), and five Infusion bottles that can be used to boost stats like health, shields, and the amount of Salt you can carry (which lets you use abilities called Vigors and does not in fact just raise your blood pressure).

As a reminder to those who wish to still pre-order BioShock Infinite (like lazy old me), the Industrial Revolution Pack is given away for $0 for each person who secures their purchase. This pack grants access to three exclusive gear items that boost your combat skills, $500 of in-game and not real-life currency, five lock picks for greedy thieves, and a Facebook puzzle game that unlocks more tales about Columbia upon completion.

BioShock Infinite and its Season Pass will be available for PS3, PC, and 360 on March 26th and is rated M for Murder Machine Robot Washington.

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