Dreamfall Chapters is fully funded! Help them reach their ultimate goal!

Straight on the heels of my announcement last week, we have recieved the news that Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, has been completely funded!

Red Thread Games is continuing their fundraising project; they’ve indicated consecutive milestones at which they will improve the overall package of Chapters.  A few of the goals have already been met, and they’re only about $34,000 away from their next goal: “Mystery is Important Seniorita.”  This new addition will allow players to explore the House of All Worlds, the mysterious house where the elderly woman, The Lady Alvane lives. Could this possibly be an older version of our brave (and hopefully not deceased) heroine April Ryan?

Skip to 4:20 in the following youtube video to see the room and our main character’s possible double:

There are further milestones to reach as well. If Red Thread Games gets all the funding they desire, we’ll get an interactive graphic novel, an improved soundtrack, and a German and French version of the game. Their ultimate goal is the mysterious “The Longest Journey Home.” But we’ll only get to figure out what it is if they reach $2,000,000. So let’s help them do it!

Here’s a link back to the kickstarter page. They have upcoming events and regular updates. Keep in touch and help make adventure gamers’ dreams come true!