History: Legends of War to be released on March 8th

It has been announced that History: Legends of War (HLOW) will hit the markets on March 8th for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, and PC. HLOW was  made to create an intensive single player experience that includes such features as:

  • 36 different types of units.
  • 44 different battlefield maps that have three different environments.
  • Several mission types, which will include attack, infiltration, defence, escort, and sabotage.
  • A Hotseat multiplayer mode.

However, HLOW brings more to the table that helps it stand out among other turn based, strategic war games. Thanks to its connection with History Channel, HLOW allows you to lead your army through historical settings that incorporate real life missions,  which creates a strong sense of realism and importance in every decision you make.

So if you enjoy games that test your strategical and management capabilities, a history lesson, or you’re a fan of games by Slitherine, such as History Great Battles Medieval you should check it out.

Plus, for anyone who doesn’t have a PS3, PQube is giving you an opportunity to win one at http://pqube.co.uk/legendsofwar/competition/ . Also you can pre-order HLOW on Amazon and Game.co.uk.