Observations: Crysis 3

Have you ever had a story read to you when you were younger? Imagine you’re about to be read your favorite book series by your grandfather. He pulls out the fourth book in the series and starts reading. “Whoa, whoa grandpa! Why are you starting on the fourth book? We haven’t even started the third one.”, you say. “Because fuck you, that’s why” says your grandfather. That’s how I feel about Crysis 3, story line wise.

I am so fucking confused with what happened between Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. Is Prophet all of sudden alive again? Was Prophet in the suit the whole time? Is Alcatraz in the suit and Prophet controls his mind? Did Prophet actually die? Does this game have a whole new story line that just ignored the last game? Do I have any fucking clue with what is actually going on in this game? No.

If the first thing I see when a game starts is a confusing plot with little to no explanation, then we are not off to a good start. The Crysis series isn’t a game series that I go crazy over, but I do enjoy it from time to time. The story line isn’t something I drool over either and now it is something I scratch my head at it. There wasn’t a single character that I liked between the 3 that were present. Your partner Psycho is a douche, his girlfriend Claire is a bitch and Rasch is seen in the game a grand total of two times. Not a lot of choices here people, and to top it off, Prophet is a pretty big douche as well and your playing as him. Crytek is not winning me over with this bullshit and the story line in general is fucking retarded, and was so predictable and corny it made me want to turn the game off at some points.

There is also very little in the way of innovation with Crysis 3, or should I say Crysis 2 With A Bow. Nothing in this game made me say to myself “Aww man that was awesome, that is a fantastic addition to this game series!”, not even the bow sold it for me. Making one weapon practically the selling point for a game is a mistake, and the bow in Crysis 3 isn’t even that fun. Remember when the Halo 2 trailers came out and showed Master Chief dual wielding weapons? Yeah, that was awesome, because that was the logical step for the series. Adding a bow in the third game of a series is not the next logical step, it’s about 100 steps backwards if you ask me, the bow should have been in the first game. Besides, you can only carry 9 regular arrows for the bow, turning it into one of those weapons that you would like to use, but feel like you should save it for later and end up rarely using it.

By the time you reach the third game in a trilogy that has stealth features in it, you’d think that the stealth part of the game would be pretty fluid by now. Nope, you’re wrong. Whenever you are 200 meters away from an enemy, hidden in bush, in complete darkness and you turn off your invisibility cloak, that guy will see you. You pretty much have to have the cloak on at all times to sneak by people and the second you turn it off, everyone in the area just somehow knows exactly where you are. This is how it has always been in Crysis; by the third game I would have hoped they would have made some adjustments with the stealth system.

The enemy A.I. also has needed some attention, I sat and watched an enemy Cell soldier for a good 2 minutes try to run through a wall while saying “Come out you pussy!” over and over again. They also found a way to fuck up the ragdoll physics in this game, Crysis 2’s physics were fine, but now all of a sudden they suck for some reason. Many times I would shoot an enemy soldier with the bow and find him flying 10 to 50 meters in the air. When I mean ‘many times’ I mean like every other time I shot someone with the bow and it would be even rarer for me to actually stick someone to a wall because of this. Shit like that has been going on since the first game and there has been little to no improvement over the years. I need to see forward progress and innovation for me to be a happy camper.

I don’t really have a lot to say about Crysis 3 other than why I don’t like it, it’s really hard for me to see the light at the end of a septic tank. The game is basically Crysis 2 with a new location, and a few bells and whistles thrown in. The singleplayer experience is easily forgettable and the multiplayer is not even worth mentioning. Do yourself a favor and buy Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance instead of this game.

My Score: $60 looks a lot better in your pocket than this game looks in your console.