Path Of Exile: Over 2 million registered players and counting

After less than 2 months in an open beta, the dark fantasy RPG Path Of Exile, has reported that they now have more than 2 million registered players. This is quite a feat, especially for a game that is still in it’s beta stage. It’s huge success has come from the praise it has received from both the players and the media. The beta started January 29th and at the rate it’s going it could be the most popular PC game of the year.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play game and not a pay-to-win game. To register for Path Of Exile click here.

Side Note: If you either wished that Diablo 3 was more like Diablo 2, hated what Blizzard has done to the Diablo franchise or actually like Diablo 3 but are getting tired of it, then this is the game for you.