New indie game Undead Legions slowly shuffles onto XBLA

Time for some indie game goodness! Key17 Games has announced that their newest game, Undead Legions, is now available under the Indie Games section of XBLA. This fast paced twin-stick shooter lets gamers play as four different, unique characters to fight the endless reanimated corpses of various monsters. Players can go it alone if they are masochists or with up to three friends in the game’s co-op mode. Gamers can use magic, place traps, use starfire bombs to blow their enemies into chunks of meat, and gain power-ups for their character, so they can be EXTRA BEEFY. Zombies, bats, ogres, and gigantic Undead Overlords will test the might of our heroes, before dying violently against their mettle.

A little history lesson for you guys: Key17 Games was founded back in 2010 by Christian Werner and Sebastian Braun. Werner is the lead designer and programmer and works full time on his creations, while Braun comes up with the unique graphical style for their games. Undead Legions is the second game from Key17 Games; their first game, Battlepaths, came out in Summer 2012 on XBLA and PC. Undead Legions is available now on XBLA for 80 Microsoft Points, with a PC version coming soon. For more info on Key17 Games, check out their site, and view the trailer for Undead Legions below (it is seriously nothing but out of control madness!).

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