The Last of Us extended Red Band trailer!

June 14th, 2013 feels like an eternity away! Especially because the original release date was pushed back at the beginning of the year. If your anxiety levels are reaching critical mass like mine, then this should help a little! I was hoping the new trailer would give us a little more insight into the varying levels of enemies (humans versus mutations), but I guess Naughty Dog is going to dangle those treats for a while longer.

Some pre-order information is just below, and enjoy the hell out of this Red Band trailer!

"Dirty mouth? Clean it up!"
I can’t know for sure what a plant zombie smells like, but this can’t be a good position to be in.

GameStop: Survival Edition (with exclusive content!) / Regular Edition

Walmart: Regular Edition (with exclusive “Sights and Sounds” package!)

Best Buy: Survival Edition / Regular Edition

Amazon: Regular Edition


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