Trion Worlds launches Defiance worldwide today

Trion Worlds launches Defiance worldwide today. Finally, the online, open world shooter set in a futuristic environment has hit stores for the Xb0x 360, PS3, and PC. So become an Ark Hunter today and experience this unique world full of difficult missions, co-op battles, and the intense multiplayer combat known as Shadow War. A plus for all of you who are eager to grab this videogame, and are doing so now, is that you will be able to fully experience the wonders of transmedia entertainment when the TV series, Defiance, premieres April 15th, 2013 on the Syfy Network.  Play and change the events of the show, watch and see how the story and characters evolve, and enjoy because this an extremely interactive and awesome way to experience media.

So for those of you who are sold, the game is available at all major videogame retailers, with the Standard Editions selling at $59.99. For those interested in the Premium bundles, including the digital Deluxe Edition for PC and the physical Collector’s Edition for consoles and PC, price is set at $99.99. And for those who are already fanatics, there is a limited run Ultimate Edition for consoles and PC that sells at $149.99, which includes a season pass, all Standard and Collector’s editions items, and an exclusive Hellbug figurine.

On a side note, PC users who have already bought a Standard Edition, can upgrade to the digital Deluxe Edition for $39.99.

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