Dynasty Warriors 8 storms its way out of Japan to hit European and North American consoles this July

Tecmo Koei has announced that their latest installment in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Dynasty Warriors 8 (I feel like we are at Dynasty Warriors 700 after all these years), will FINALLY make its way out of Japan this July. Like previous entries in the series, Dynasty Warriors 8 follows the tales of the Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin kingdoms as they fight to gain control of China, using historically accurate political figures from the era as they use magical attacks to destroy their enemies.

Dynasty Warriors 8 will differentiate itself from its predecessors by being the first title in the franchise to merge replay elements like multi-endings and extra modes with synergies between the action and game systems. Included with the obligatory Story Mode, which delves into the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, will be new “What If?” scenarios that break away from historical fact (hehe) and show players what life would be like if their famous characters lived instead of died, opening up new endings and possibilities based on the choices you make throughout the game. Dynasty Warriors 8 also includes more than 70 (!) playable characters, new and old, to use as you rain an endless slaughter upon your foes (Yue Jin and Li Dian from the Wei Kingdom are examples of some new faces, and they just SOUND badass). There will be over 40 new stages inspired by ancient China to fight in, as well; which include wastelands, ravines, castles, and plains, JUST TO NAME A VERY SMALL AMOUNT.

Dynasty Warriors 8 will hit PS3 and 360 July 12th in Europe and July 16th in North America. After all the coverage we have been giving this title since it released in Japan back in February, I am quite happy to see it finally make its way elsewhere!

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