Adrenaline-inducing action for Remember Me’s ‘Enemies’ trailer!

So we already have a good idea for the storyline of Remember Me as well as the potentially complicated and highly-rewarding combo system required to earn Focus for special moves and further combos. Capcom is boasting that a total of 50,000 different combinations will be at Nilin’s fingertips. While a lot of discussion has been about the fighting aspect of the game, not much has actually been shown. Today, that changes!

Below is nearly three minutes of insane fight scenarios and brilliant looking combo action. You’re going to get to see the variety of foes and bosses coming at you starting June 4th, 2013. Although I’m a little nervous about Capcom handling a science fiction storyline, it looks like they’re bringing all their experience with fighting games full force! Although I have to warn you about the trailer’s music. Dubstep. It’s been done.