Dungeon-crawler Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan to hit European 3DS’s in the summer

Today, NIS America announced a partnership with ATLUS to publish their RPG Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan in Europe this summer. The title, which has been available in North America since February, will emerge onto the battlefield throughout Europe both as a physical copy you can buy in stores AND as a digital download you can access through the Nintendo eShop.

Fans of super old school dungeon-crawlers, where you would grind for months on end just to gain a few precious levels, will feel right at home with the gameplay offered in Etrian Odyssey IV. A demo that contains a whopping TWO dungeons will be made available to gamers in the early summer who want to get a taste for the game’s mechanics before it releases… later in the summer.

Players will utilize the 3DS touch screen to chart their own paths and draw their own maps, which helps set Etrian Odyssey IV apart from other titles in its genre. In-depth character customization, options for the various job classes, and an accessible Casual difficulty option for newcomers await those who wish to take up the call for ADVENTURE.

More information can be accessed at the game’s official site, which includes videos and descriptions of all character classes (my favorite one is “???”).

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