This couple’s love is infectious; partners get handpicked by Deep Silver to receive zombie-themed wedding

Deep Silver announced today that they have chosen one lucky couple to receive a zombie-themed wedding in London to help celebrate the release of their upcoming “slaughter the undead” simulator, Dead Island Riptide. The search for an engaged couple began back in January, and after a careful review of MANY video applications, Deep Silver has selected the adorable Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore to be THE zombified couple who will exchange eternal vows and eat each other’s brains on April 23rd. Jennifer and Rob were picked due to their love for the Dead Island franchise, their love for zombies and Halloween, and most importantly, their love for each other (seriously, these two are adorable together). Jennifer was particularly ecstatic upon hearing the news that she and her partner had won the competition, saying, “We’re thrilled to have been chosen to be the official zombie bride and groom for Dead Island Riptide! We’re big fans of Dead Island and the horror genre, and a zombie wedding is a dream come true for us. Thanks Deep Silver & Koch Media!”

In addition to hosting the zombie-style beach wedding, Deep Silver will also be sending the two zombies-in-love off on a Caribbean honeymoon, where they will hopefully be able to just enjoy themselves and not have to stave off zombie hunters so they can just be undead in peace. The nuptials will take place at One Mayfair and be just like a traditional wedding, except Jennifer will be arriving in style on the Dead Island pickup truck and music will be provided by an undead mariachi band (so just like my dream wedding, basically).

You can follow the most awesome wedding to ever exist on Twitter at #RiptideWedding or get more information right here on the official Facebook page. Check out Jennifer and Rob’s cute winning video submission below, complete with DOGGIES (who aren’t zombified, sadly; YOU MISSED A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY, GUYS!). Congrats to Jen and Rob, and be sure to check out Dead Island Riptide when it releases on April 26th for the 360, PS3, and PC.

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