Mewthree?! New, familiar-looking Pokemon revealed for upcoming Pokemon X and Y

Mewtwo, is that you? Not really, but there definitely seems to be a connection between the aforementioned super-powerful Pokemon and today’s unveiling of a brand new Pokemon set to debut in the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. This newcomer apparently shares many traits with the clone of Mew and there are suspicions that it is related to Mewtwo somehow, but Nintendo and Game Freak aren’t talking. Who is this Alien-esque creature, where did it come from, how and when will you encounter it in the game, and does its leafy-green energy beam rain flowers or death upon your enemies? So many questions that I am sure will be revealed in the upcoming months before Pokemon X and Pokemon Y release worldwide this October. Check out the little rascal’s reveal trailer below, where it uses every element known to Captain Planet and more to kill everything in its sight (ADORABLE).

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