Secure your legend with Dark Souls II’s shield design contest

Today starts the first day of the shield design contest being held by NAMCO BANDI for Dark Souls II. The contest is simple, design up to three shields and submit them for voting, the six best shields and their designers will be announced at the San Diego Comic Con. The lucky six winners’ designs will end up in the game.

To sign up for the contest follow these steps:

  • Become a fan on the official Dark Souls II Facebook page
  • Check out the Shield Design Facebook application
  • Download the blank shield template
  • Create up to three original masterpieces of heraldic design
  • Submit your finished designs via Facebook before May 14, 2013

Now if you excuse me, I have shields to design.


About the author: James Conway
James Conway.
James Conway is an Editor for ThatVideoGameBlog. He is 23 years old and is a veteran of the United States Army. James is from Massachusetts and lived in El Paso, Texas for four years while serving in...  Read more...


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