GUILD02 collection heads out of Japan and to North American and European shores this spring

Mere days after the news about the GUILD01 titles being discounted on the 3DS comes word that the second trio of games that comprise the GUILD02 collection are on their way to North America and Europe this spring. Level-5 has announced that the three games, The Starship Damrey, Bugs vs. Tanks!, and Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale, will be available individually through the eShop soon. Each game will also feature exclusive, “linked” content with the three titles that made up the GUILD01 collection, provided gamers, you know, BOUGHT them (and you should; they are on sale, for Christ’s sake!). Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of Level-5, had this to say about the upcoming release: “After the success of bringing Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter, and Crimson Shroud to North America and Europe last year, we are excited to bring the latest games in the series to the rest of the world with the participation of three new creators. This series was created to allow top creators to rise to the challenge of bringing innovative and experimental ideas to life as new gaming experiences. Delivering these avant-garde creations via digital distribution is also an incredible opportunity for us.” Here’s some info on each game (cause I love you guys so!):

The Starship Damrey – a horror adventure game designed by Kazuya Asano and written by Takemaru Abiko (the granddaddies of Japanese text-based adventures), this title sees players waking up in the cold dead of space, with no memory of who they are and why the hell they are in SPACE. With no hints, tutorials, or hand-holding of any kind, self-discovery and exploration are the only ways you’ll survive and unravel the mystery. A special scenario awaits players who have downloaded any title from the GUILD01 collection, and it will be unlocked upon the game’s completion.

Bugs vs. Tanks! – a World War II action shooter from Keiji Inafune (Mega Man, Dead Rising, my personal hero). Gamers take on the role of a panzer squad shrunk to the size of an ant as they battle various insects, and try to figure out how to return to normal size. Co-op missions with up to four peeps and massive customization for your tanks are also included, as well as a Gold Tank if you have downloaded a GUILD01 game.

Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale – Kaz Ayabe, creator of the Summer Holidays 20th Century Japanese stories, presents a simulation game where players control a young boy named Sohta who lives in a world where every cool Japanese monster from the 70’s comes to life every Friday. There….there are just no words to describe my feelings for this one. Concept art and illustrations will be yours if you have a GUILD01 game.

More info about the three titles can be found here, with pricing and release dates to be unveiled soon.

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