Poker Night 2 will feature popular characters from other media

As the card game from Telltale Games, Poker Night 2, inches closer to its release at the end of this month, new details about its in- and cross-game content were announced today. According to the trailer Telltale Games published today, players will be able to play as certain characters from popular games, a movie, and a television show in a secret room called the “Inventory”. The characters will be from the following:

  • Ash Williams from Army of Darkness
  • Claptrap from Borderlands
  • GLaDOS from Portal
  • Sam from Sam & Max
  • Brock Samson from The Venture Bros.

Brock Samson, Claptrap, Ash Williams, GLaDOS, and Sam come out to win new pairs of shoes in a game of poker.

By completing certain challenges, players will unlock cross-game content for Borderlands 2 and the console they are playing Poker Night 2 on. The content for Borderlands 2 will be customizable heads and skins. Playstation 3 players will unlock exclusive premium themes. Steam players will unlock Team Fortress 2 items. Xbox 360 players will unlock exclusive avatar items.

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