MOGA Pro Controller for Android devices now available

Starting today, Android-device owners may play their favorite games using a full-sized controller using the MOGA Pro Controller (MOGA Pro). The MOGA Pro is now available in the United States via select online retailers. The MOGA Pro features console-style grips, clickable dual analog sticks, four action buttons, a classic directional pad, two shoulder buttons, two shoulder triggers, rechargeable batteries, a USB  charging cord, and a tablet stand.

The MOGA Pro Controller allows for a full-console experience with Android devices

Smaller Android devices can easily clip into a retractable arm that hold them into place for a better handheld feel. The controller can also be paired with Android devices connected to TVs to get a more full-console experience.

The free MOGA Pivot app in the Google Play Store complements the MOGA Pro by helping device owners discover games that are MOGA Enhanced (i.e., may be played with the controller). Currently, over 50 Android apps are MOGA Enhanced with more being added every week. Popular titles include Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, The Bard’s Tale, and The Dark Knight Rises HD. The MOGA Pro supports Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and higher versions.

To find out more about the MOGA Pro Controller and to find out which other games are MOGA Enhanced, visit: