The Evil Within: critical story and gameplay features revealed!

In case you just can’t wait until Monday to hear more about The Evil Within (or Psychobreak as it’s called in Japan), Bethesda Japan has already gone live with some interesting features and promises of what the game has in store! Obviously do not consider my translation to be one of absolute authority, Google is of course limited in its abilities. Hopefully we’ll be able to confirm all of this next week!

Four armed woman.
Yes, you’re seeing that correctly. She’s covered in blood, has four arms, and she’s climbing shit…

S t o r y

When Detective Sebastian arrives to the scene of a gruesome mass murder, a powerful force was already lying in wait. Sebastian witnesses his fellow officers struck down and murdered one by one until something knocks him out. When he wakes up, the world is no longer normal. Monsters are wandering around everywhere and in order to discover the secrets behind that powerful force that brought him here, he must fight through unimaginable horror and survive a journey full of fear.

K e y  F e a t u r e s

A return to “pure survival” horror:

  • Players will have to survive on limited resources throughout experiencing incomprehensible horror and action of the highest degree. The world will be full of anguish and anxiety and push your nerves to the very edge.

Cunning enemies and brutal traps:

  • The enemies that will have to be overcome will be surrounded by cruel traps that can easily be missed because of the atmosphere of tension and fear. Though the traps can quickly kill, you’ll be able to turn some of the traps against the enemies to break through to the next area.

A morphing world where attacks constantly shift:

  • Depending on the decisions you make, the entire world around you will distort as you play through. Walls, hallways, doors, rooms, buildings, backgrounds…all of it twists and changes based on your gameplay. This allows enemies to come from areas they previously were not able to, and keeps you from having a safe place to put your back against.

“Supernova of horror”:

  • They’re promising that it will be impossible not to get sucked into the story and gameplay. With the stunning scenery, unique storyline, and anxiety and tension that does not back off, the only way you’ll be able to complete the game is if you gain control over your fear and keep your head together.
There aren’t words to describe this scene. I only hear the blood draining from my skull and the high-pitch of my girlish wailing.
We don't need no water let the motherf#$er burn...
I wonder if this will attract the wrong sort of attention…
A yummy montage of promises, no?
It looks like this game is going to have graphics so crisp you’ll be able to taste the rotten flesh in the air.