Virtuix video showcases Omni compatibility with Oculus Rift and Team Fortress 2

Joystiq has posted up a video which be found on the YouTube account of hardware development company Virtuix.

The video demonstrates how the Omni, a treadmill-like virtual reality device they’re working on, will work in Team Fortress 2 (or pretty much any game, it seems safe to assume…). Players place can immerse themselves in the game world by actually running on the Omni when they want to move around. According to Joystiq, the device showcased in the video relies on the sensors of the Kinect for its functionality, but it will purportedly come shipped with its own sensors once its released.

You’ll also notice that Omni is being showcased with the Oculus Rift, a head-mounted motion-tracking display device. As you’ll probably be able to tell from the video, using both of these devices in tandem is going to be a pretty immersive experience that’s going to blow a lot minds.

Virtuix hopes to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the device in May, and plan to sell it at a price between $400 and $600. Only time will tell whether this thing will actually be worth the money. The video definitely looks promising.

More information on the Omni can be found at the official website.

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