Barry Sanders Named as Cover Athlete for Madden NFL 25

Within all of the hype taking place for the 2013 NFL draft tonight, EA has announced the winner of the vote that pitted current superstars against former ones for the cover of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Madden. The game has been named Madden NFL 25 and the cover star will be staying in the Detroit Lions’ family.

Barry Sanders, Hall of Fame runner for the Detroit Lions, has beat out the reigning MVP, Viking’s superstar running back Adrian Peterson. This was the final of a tournament that had 32 former superstars in one bracket and 32 current ones in another. Every week they were matched up against each other with the fans voting for who they wanted to see grace the cover of the anniversary edition of the popular series. On his way to the final Sanders tore through legends like Ray Lewis (who I’m surprised didn’t get the vote based on his recent retirement), Marcus Allen (who deserved to win the whole tournament) and Jerry Rice. Madden’s cover will be represented by the Lions for the 2nd straight year as Calvin Johnson was lucky enough to be chosen last year and he also managed to avoid the vaunted ‘Madden Curse’. Luckily for Sanders, he won’t have to worry too much about the curse affecting his playing status.

Along with revealing the cover athlete they also announced the first details about the game itself and how they are planning to improve on Madden 13. They plan to improve on the Infinity Engine introduced last year and allow players greater control of what happens on the field. Specifically, they’re looking to give runners a natural change of direction, improved run blocking and an improved tackle system.

Will you be picking up a copy of the anniversary edition of Madden or do you find the series has become stale?

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