Challenges app for Rayman Legends now available for free on the Nintendo eShop

Ubisoft announced today that the Online Challenges app for its upcoming game, Rayman Legends, can be downloaded on the Wii U via the Nintendo eShop for free. While the release of Rayman Legends will be a little later in the year, the free application gives the players a taste of the online challenges mode of the full game.

The application features daily and weekly challenges to complete online with friends and/or players from around the world. Some of these challenges include:

  • a crazy run through the Land of the Livid Dead
  • a dizzying descent into the Neverending Pit
  • a fast and frantic sprint through the Infinite Tower
  • a synchronized adventure through Murfy’s Infinite Dungeon


The Neverending Pit is one of the challenges in the application.

In addition, winning cups in challenges will increase a player’s Awesomeness Level, which is similar to a game’s experience level. Reaching a high Awesomeness Level will unlock extreme challenges. Players may also collect lums, currency within the Rayman series, during the challenges to unlock several exclusive characters.

Rayman Legends will be Ubisoft’s fifth title on the Rayman series and is the direct sequel to Rayman Origins. Rayman Legends retainsĀ the fantasy appeal of its predecessor and adds other features such as new gaming modes, environments, characters, and soundtrack.

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