9th faction revealed for Total War: Rome II

The 9th and final faction for Total War: Rome II will be the nation of Pontus and will be available through free DLC on the launch day of the game. Yes, free DLC. I never thought the words free and DLC could be used in the same sentence together, but The Creative Assembly got the new faction done early and decided to make it day one free DLC.

I think this is pretty cool of them, most publishers or developers would have charged players for this kind of extra content. In the video shown below the developers also mention there will be even more free content further down the road, giving players something to look forward to even after the game comes out.

It almost goes without saying, that if EA was the publisher, this day one DLC would have cost about $10 and all content after would as well. Granted, I’m not expecting every company to give out free DLC, but it’s nice to see that at least one company is willing to.