Divines of the East

NGames has released a new side-scrolling RPG, Divines of the East. As a free-to-play RPG that is now available at www.game321.com, Divines of the East is bound to be an awesome videogame. It throws gamers into a world of ancient Asian mythology as they follow the story of the legendary Shennong, a Divine Farmer who taught people how to live off the land.

Beloved by the people more than the Emperor of Heaven, Shennong’s soul was rejected by the Emperor of Heaven when he died. Shennong’s soul was then locked inside of a tower, stopping him from reincarnating, while his body was split into pieces to restrain the Devils of Five Elements. Over time, Shennong’s soul is secretly set free by another god,  and he is able to reincarnate. Enraged after learning of this betrayal, the Emperor of Heaven sends every god to hunt down Shennong. As a result, the player takes control of Shennong’s reincarnation who is being hunted by gods, and is hated by the demons restrained by his old body.

In addition to a beautiful, hand-drawn world with a fantastic story, Divines of the East allows players to engage in a variety of special clan features, which includes territory battles, craft masters, village building, and so much more. There will also be an interesting PVP aspect to the videogame.

For more information on Divines of the East, head over to www.game321.com.

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