Improved PC version of Zack Zero now available on Steam

An improved PC version of Zack Zero, Crocodile Entertainment’s action-platform game, is now available on Steam. Originally released in 2012, Zack Zero follows the protagonist as he saves his partner, Marlene, from the clutches of Evil Zulrog. The villain intends to exchange Marlene for kelestinia, a material capable of time travel.

Zack Zero must travel to Evil Zulrog’s world and battle various enemies such as stone golems, giant beetles, humanoid toads, and the worm-like Nahirg race. Fortunately, Zack Zero’s nanotechnology suit enables him to manipulate the elements of fire, ice, and stone to assist him with the battle.

The protagonist, Zack Zero, can manipulate fire, ice, and stone to assist him in his journey to save his beloved.

The Zack Zero version on Steam features several improvements such as:

  • New animations
  • New content
  • Better controls
  • Better resolution
  • Free updates

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