Genibo robot dog Blade Wolf gets DLC for MGR: Revengeance in May

Konami has announced that the next character DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, revolving around the loveable Blade Wolf doggie with the rough exterior that feels cold to the touch petting, is due to hit the PS3 and 360 on May 15th. This playable side-story focuses on the robot formerly known as LQ-84i (far less catchy and endearing than Blade Wolf), featuring hours of gameplay that expand on Blade Wolf’s storylines and origins while showcasing his unique abilities and talents.

This DLC will regale players with LQ-84i’s backstory before he met and partnered with Raiden and his transformation into the Blade Wolf we all know and love. Gamers will use a variety of wolfy weapons and techniques to take down waves of enemies and it all climaxes with a brand spankin’ new boss fight.

The Blade Wolf DLC will set players back 560 Microsoft Points on the 360, $10 on the PS3.

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