Sega and Gearbox hit with lawsuit over false advertisement of Aliens: Colonial Marines

On top of making a terrible game, Sega and Gearbox have been hit with a lawsuit against them for false advertisement of the terrible game, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Polygon reported yesterday. Talk about kicking a guy when their down.

The lawsuit claims that Sega and Gearbox falsely advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines by showing demos of the game at trade shows that did not represent the finished product. The demos in question were much different than the finished product, entire levels in the demos weren’t in the final game, and Gearbox Co-Founder Randy Pitchford said that the demos were “actual gameplay”.

Law Firm Edelson LLC filed the suit on behalf of plaintiff Damion Perrine in the Northern District of California Court yesterday. For more information about the lawsuit click here.

Source: Polygon