Standalone expansion for Might & Magic Heroes VI, Shades of Darkness, now available

Today Ubisoft announced a standalone expansion for its turn-based strategy videogame, Might & Magic Heroes VI. The expansion, called Shades of Darkness, is now available worldwide for Windows PCs via UPlay and Steam.

The expansion features the return of the Dark Elf faction, Dungeon the warlock hero Raelag, who was first introduced in Might & Magic Heroes V, and the frightening creature, the Black Dragon. The expansion retells the dark events in Ashan’s history of two factions, the Dark Elves and the Necromancers, set one century after the events in Might & Magic Heroes VI.


The standalone expansion features not only two new campaigns, but also new hero classes and abilities.

In addition to two new campaigns, Shades of Darkness features:

  • new creatures
  • new hero classes
  • a new town and buildings set
  • a new mount
  • new artifacts
  • new abilities
  • new achievements

To find out more about Might & Magic Heroes VI‘s expansion,¬†Shades of Darkness, visit¬†