Super chill Snoop Dogg/Lion’s own rhythm fighting game hits XBLA

Rapper Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion when he is doing reggae) has announced to fans that his videogame Way of the Dogg, developed by Echo Peak and published by 505 Games, is now available on XBLA. Inspired by Snoopy’s love of 70’s Kung Fu movies, which have been scientifically proven to be the BEST Kung Fu films, Way of the Dogg follows the story of street fighter America Jones. When Jones’s great love, Sierra, is murdered JUST BECAUSE, AJ must take to the streets and beat the crap out of everyone he meets in order to avenge the love of his life. Master Snoop will be providing guidance and insight to AJ, as he teaches him the sacred “Way of the Dogg.”

Way of the Dogg is a rhythm-based fighter: players will be matching button presses to beats from Doggy Dogg’s greatest hits, including “Who am I (What’s my Name),” “Gz and Hustlas,” “From Tha Chuuch To Da Palace,” and “Pump Pump.” Gamers can choose to battle opponents one-on-one through the game’s story mode, massacre a friend in the two-player multiplayer mode, or attempt temple fight challenges issued by Snoop himself.

An enthusiastic Mr. Dogg had this to say about his videogame: “I’ve always dug old school Kung Fu movies. Growing up in the hood, me and the homies used to hit the Palace Theater in Long Beach to watch the double feature Kung Fu flicks and come out of the theater play fighting each other, making those old school sound effects. I wanted Way of the Dogg to pay tribute to that feeling and bring that same excitement, fused with my music, to the game.” I feel you, Snoop.

Way of the Dogg is out now on XBLA, with PSN and mobile versions coming soon. More news and info can be found at the game’s Facebook page, and gameplay and voice-over trailers are for your eyes to behold below. Yes, this is a real thing that is happening.

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