New funtabulous multiplayer map pack hits Tomb Raider

Square Enix is pleased as punch to announce that a new multiplayer map pack has hit Tomb Raider. Entitled Shipwrecked, this map pack includes two brand new multiplayer levels for you and your friends to romp around and kill each other in:

Lost Fleet – this level contains a gigantic beached ship full of dangerous traps to catch your foes off-guard, which hopefully include crabs that pinch your opponents’ thighs.

Himiko’s Cradle – this stage takes place in a dangerous mountain shrine and is most sacred, so you can bet your tourist ass will be tasting ceiling spikes the SECOND you step foot inside the place.

Players can purchase Shipwrecked for 320 Microsoft Points on the 360, $4 on the PS3 through the PlayStation Store, and $4 on Steam. More info on Tomb Raider can be found here.

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