New video released for Jagged Alliance: Flashback

A new video has been released for Jagged Alliance: Flashback, the next title in the Jagged Alliance franchise being developed by Full Control.

This video isn’t really a developer diary or gameplay showcase though. A developer from the team instead explains what the original Jagged Alliance games were all about, and exactly how Flashback is going to draw its influence from those titles; it’s basically just a sales pitch for Flashback’s Kickstarter campaign, to players who are unfamiliar with the franchise. If you haven’t heard about or played any Jagged Alliance game, then (you’re clearly not a fan of turn-based strategy titles) this video will do a pretty good job of bringing you up to speed on the gameplay mechanics and overall setting of the games in the franchise.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback has managed to meet almost half of its $350,000 Kickstarter funding goal.

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