New Pokemon and never-before-seen Kalos region revealed today for Pokemon X and Y

Ready for a bevy of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y news?! GOOD. The Pokemon Company revealed some awesome stuff today, including info on the new Kalos region, four new Pokemon, and the games’ official box art (Check out that destroyer of worlds badass monster up above). The Kalos region is the new continent trainers will explore on their Pokemon journeys. Shaped like a star, Kalos is a mix of forests and cities (Like previous regions in former titles), with Lumiose City acting as its center (It’s quite pretty). As per usual, trainers will be collecting and battling old and new Pokemon, with four fresh monsters revealed today, bringing the total number of Pokemon to over 640!

First up is Helioptile, a derpy Normal/Electric-type who is quite cowardly but knows the awesome Parabolic Charge, which heals Helioptile by half the damage taken by opponents it hits.

Next up is Fletchling, a Normal/Flying-type Pokemon who sings beautifully and is usually friendly. It can be dangerous, though, unleashing the fiery Flame Charge, which deals damage to foes while increasing Fletchling’s speed.

Here is Fighting-type Pokemon Pancham. This playful bugger can learn the awesome move Parting Shot, which lowers a challenger’s Attack and Special Attack while also allowing Pancham to swap out with another Pokemon during battle.

Finally there is Gogoat, a Grass-type that can be used as a mode of transportation and can use Horn Leech to recover HP equal to half the damage dealt by the move.

A lot of images, maps, and videos can be found here. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are due to hit the 3DS this October. Check out a gameplay trailer featuring the new Pokemon below. What do you guys think of these new Pokemon designs?!

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