Gran Turismo 6 is finally announced

After months of speculation as to whether or not Gran Turismo 6 would be a launch title for PS4 or a last hurrah for the PS3, the first details about Gran Turismo’s newest edition have arrived. It will indeed be a PS3 title and its launch window has been announced as Holiday 2013.

At an event in the UK celebrating 15 years of Gran Tursimo, Kazunori Yamauch, the president of Polphony Digital and creator of the Gran Turismo franchise, announced that the new game in this series will indeed be on PS3 and that gamers can expect it to be out around the holidays. They plan on bringing greater levels of authenticity to their “Real Driving Simulator” by introducing new tracks, new cars and by expanding connectivity with other devices.

GT6 will retain all the tracks and cars from GT5 while adding 7 new locations and 19 new layouts, and gamers can expect regular additions to be made online. For the cars, there will be 200 more cars than GT5 and 1200 total cars will be available at launch. They also plan to increase connectivity with other devices like smartphones and tablets which will give the game increased social and community abilities. We can expect many more details at E3 and a demo to be available in July.

Are you excited about the next edition of this franchise or are you disappointed it won’t be on PS4?



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