New details released for Destiny

Halo creators Bungie have released new teasers on their site for the hugely anticipated shooter, Destiny. The updates reveal new plot elements and give details of the game’s factions and locations.

Destiny is currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 and there are rumours that it will be developed for the next Xbox and mobile too. Cross compatible gaming has become hugely popular and every game developer is trying to ensure that their games are available on a multitude of platforms. Following the success of mobile casino sites like that offer device-specific gaming, the demand for games for mobile have also increased and Bungie are keen to move in this direction too.

The update on the Destiny site reveals more information about the Guardians that player’s have control over, depending on whether they choose a Hunter, Titan or Warlock. These 3 classes have different characteristics and a feature a unique and diverse history. The Hunters are described as the roaming wanderers who live off the land and have a unique brand of ingenuity that will be needed on this new adventure. The Titans are the most fearsome fighters and would give their lives to defend the wall they built. They hail from a long line of heroes who are merciless and will fight to the bitter end. Warlocks have mastered the Travellers arcane energies and will use their power and mystery to defeat their enemies who stand between them and the Golden Age.

Information on the games locations has also been released, with Earth being the last human city and the Moon, Venus and Mars also forming part of the storyline. Earth and the Moon’s details have been released but we wait in eager anticipation for the Venus teasers.

Two enemy factions have been named, with the Cabal and The Fallen explained. The teaser hints that The Cabal were originally located on Mars, but they may have moved on. The Fallen are a scourge that come in Dreg, Vandal and Captain varieties and tirelessly engage in war and scavenge amongst the remains of every planet and moon they destroy, sending the souls of the dead into the black.

Destiny is not confirmed for release in 2013, but the Vanguard will update the site soon with more information, teasers and trailers.