Men would rather play a new game than have sex?!?


I’m starting to like these guys over at, they ask the tough questions. Back in April these guys put out the results of a survey done to see which console owners were the best at sex (Obviously Xbox 360 was the best) and now they just put out the results of another survey which asked men if they would rather play a new videogame or have sex.

The study polled 1,442 United Kingdom men as part of ongoing research into external influences on relationships. Every person polled has been in a relationship for six months or more.

The initial question asked was ‘Given the choice between playing a newly released videogame or having sex with your partner, which option would you choose?’ which revealed the following responses:

Game – 49%
Sex – 32%
Depends on the game – 19%

The participants were then asked about their partner and what they would think of this situation, posing the question ‘If they were asked, do you think your partner would expect you to have given that answer?’. The results were varied:

No – 30%
Probably not – 25%
Probably – 21%
Yes – 18%
Unsure -6%

A list of anticipated releases were then presented to the participants and they were then asked the age-old question ‘Sex or Game?’. The top five titles where playing the game would be preferred to sex were as follows:

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5                                     Game 71%   Sex 29%
  2. FIFA 14                                                       Game 67%   Sex 33%
  3. Elder Scrolls Online                                     Game 55%   Sex 45%
  4. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist            Game 52%   Sex 48%
  5. The Last Of Us                                            Game 49%   Sex 51%

The more popular the release, the less likely sex is going to happen. It’s science.

“If anything I’m not actually that surprised by the results of our study. Gamers often spend months, if not years, waiting for a release to come out. So on that day, what’s likely to be more important?”, said George Charles of”I sympathise with partners though. It must be hard work having to compete with Rockstar Games or Naughty Dog. Judging by the game trailers, those guys put on quite a show!”

Just like the last survey we covered, this should be taken with a grain of salt. The survey was done in one country and only questioned about 1400 people. If you asked me, I’d say it depends on the game, and there’s nothing really stopping you from playing the new game and having sex in the same day or at the same time if you’re cool like that.