Square Enix promises to reveal more next week

Earlier today, Square Enix tweeted that there’s going to be some clarification next week as to all the teases and tight lips on their games this year. Of course, a lot of this frustration and excitement is brought on by the possibility of Kingdom Hearts 3 being released exclusively on the PS4 and the high hopes of Final Fantasy Versus XIII being renamed and released as FFXV. Since the trailers and screenshots of Versus were teased as far back as 2006, all production or verifiable news of it has all but disappeared.

So for any of you fans of SE games, be prepared to possibly get jerked around again throughout next week. While one could only be hopeful that they’ll finally give us some information about new games and to which consoles they’ll be focused on, we might only get something as trivial as teaser trailers. Are you about as sick of 2013’s rumors as I am? Whatever comes next week, remember that your suffering will not last long because E3 is only several weeks away!

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