Resident Evil Revelations washes ashore this week on 360, PS3, PC, and WiiU

Capcom has confirmed today that the port of the 3DS adventure, Resident Evil Revelations, will be launching tomorrow across North America and May 24th across Europe, for the 360, PS3, PC, and WiiU. Revelations will be available as a retail package AND as a digital download title, so even lazy peeps who stay in the house can get it!

Praised by critics as being a return to the series’ horror roots (especially due to the limited ammo and guns), Resident Evil Revelations takes place between RE4 and RE5, and features fan favorites Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as they battle horrific mutations on a boat and in the damaged city of Terragrigia. Revelations now contains HD graphics, enhanced lighting and sound, a new enemy called the Wall Blister (who hopefully spews out pus for extra grossness), an Infernal Mode difficulty level (which, based on its name, is probably filled with enemies that throw fuzzy kittens at you), and extra characters Hunk and Rachael have been added to the game’s Raid Mode.

Add-on DLC is also planned for Revelations (SURPRISE): the Resistance Set and Enhancement Set contain six upgrades each for various weapons and will be available June 4th for 160 Microsoft Points or $1.99 / €1.99 each. Another weapon pack will be ready for Jill, Parker, and Jessica on June 18th for 80 Microsoft Points or $0.99/€0.99 (no name for this pack yet, but I hope it will be called the JPJ Hotness Pack). Last but not least, two more characters will be available to purchase for Raid Mode June 11th: an infected mutation of Rachael named Rachael Ooze and a lady version of Hunk simply called Lady Hunk. These characters will set you back 240 Microsoft Points or $2.99 / €2.99 each.

Check out the REVEALING launch trailer below, as well as sexy, SEXY pics of Lady Hunk and Rachael Ooze (DOSE LEGS ON HUNK AND DAT FACE ON RACHAEL, MMM!).

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