What I learned from the Xbox One reveal

After waiting patiently for what seemed like an eternity, the new Xbox has been finally revealed…to not have a stupid name like the Xbox 720 or the Durango or the Infinity or the Always Online DRM No Used Game Box. The new home console is aptly named the Xbox One as in “The only One you’ll ever need” or “This One is the best”. I honestly wasn’t even planning on watching the reveal, I just happened to turn on my laptop at 1pm EST which happened to be the time they were live streaming the event.

Here is what I learned from this self-glorification extravaganza:

1. The Xbox One is not a gaming console…it’s just a home entertainment device that just happens to play videogames

It was only until halfway through this live stream that I realized Microsoft was presenting us a videogame console and not a fancy cable box. The first 20-something minutes of the Xbox One reveal was all about how the new console works great with your television, how the new Kinect webcam doesn’t suck (Doubt it), and how you can switch between the internet, television, videogames and Skype all with voice commands. You’d think for a videogame console reveal they would start it off strong by showing some actual videogames being played on it. Nope. The first half of the entire reveal was them talking about how great the Xbox One is without showing really anything at all. It’s neat that we can “instantly” switch between television, the internet, movies and videogames, it’s neat that all of my favorite shows are on one simple interface, and it’s neat that I can Skype someone on Xbox now, but I don’t use an Xbox to Skype or to watch TV, I use it to play videogames.

2. EA was there just to promote themselves

If I had just bought a new house and invited all of my friends to come over and see it, would it be considered rude if one of my friends brought his new RV with him to show it off too? I would say yes. I felt like EA showed up to the Xbox One reveal in an RV and drove it onto the stage. I’m still not exactly sure how the new Xbox is connected to EA, but all I really got out of it was that the new Xbox makes EA Sports better and not the other way around. One of the first things Andrew Wilson of EA said was that today was the start of a “Strategic Partnership” between Microsoft and EA. “Strategic Partnership”, you know, just like the Allies were a Strategic Partnership in World War II right up until Hitler rage quit from life. EA was just there to show off their stuff, they really don’t give a shit about Microsoft, they only want to cling onto their popularity like a leech so they can try and gain some of theirs back.

3. Always Online DRM and No Used Games were not mentioned

The two things that SONY wanted Microsoft to say were not said. It was a good thing they didn’t even bring up the Always Online DRM and the No Used Games topics. I for one am one more braindead idea away from buying a PS4 and telling Microsoft to screw. This reveal did all of the right things, they talked about the hardware and features for the product, who their partners were going to be, showed a few teasers for videogames, and said nothing about Always Online DRM and No Used Games. SONY has been playing it safe recently and has been allowing Microsoft to dig it’s own grave, but after today’s reveal Microsoft has filled that grave in significantly and SONY is going to have to go on the offensive soon or the PS4 will end up like the Wii U, forgotten and unimportant.

4. Steven Spielberg is working on a Halo TV series?!?

Not going to lie, I was not expecting a Halo TV series in my lifetime, let alone a Halo TV series being worked on by the ‘Berg’ himself. I am very excited. This is huge, but also scary at the same time. Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time, but he has a habit of ruining things he creates. Not much was revealed about this today other than the fact that there will be a Halo TV series on Xbox One and Steven Spielberg is destroying working on it, so I can’t really say too much other than this could either be awesome or eye-gougingly horrible.

5. Call of Duty: Ghosts is just another side-step for the franchise and gaming as a whole

I wouldn’t say that Call of Duty: Ghosts was just promoting themselves at the Xbox One reveal like EA was because Call of Duty: Ghosts helps Xbox and not the other way around like EA. It’s going to be a huge game, it’s going to be THE game of 2013, Microsoft would have been insane not to let Activision show off their new America Is Awesome Simulator on the equally new Xbox One. I’ve been anxiously waiting to see any form of gameplay for Call of Duty: Ghosts, I thought this would be the game in the series that breaks free from it’s past and takes a giant leap forward into uncharted videogame territory, to usher in a new era of first-person shooter excellence. From the trailer I saw today, I saw the Call of Duty franchise just sit down and say “We’re not moving a fucking inch, so get used to it.”. This is the make or break Call of Duty game for me. After Black Ops II I told myself I would never buy another Call of Duty game again unless there were some serious changes. I know it’s just the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts and in the future there will be more details, but from where I’m sitting and what I saw today, I am not buying this one. All of you Prestige Masters can go ahead and buy the same game you’ve been buying since 2007. I don’t care if they built a new engine for the game, I don’t care if they improved the graphics to borderline realism, and I don’t care they added a dog as a main story character. Spoiler Alert!!! The dog dies heroically to save you at some point in the game. It’s the same game they’ve been releasing for 6 years and I’m not buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare again for the sixth time.

6. I am definitely buying an Xbox One

It’s simple design and impressive features alone puts the Xbox One on my Shut Up And Take My Money list. This really is the future of the gaming industry and home entertainment. With the dozens of partners Microsoft has assembled to be a part of their product, the Xbox One will be the best thing since sliced bread. Between the awesome TV, movies, music, videogames, internet, and social media features the Xbox One is the whole package that is starting to make cable and the PC seem obsolete. This year at E3 I will do my best to get my hands on this bad boy to see if it’s as good as they are saying, my guess is that it is. The price of the Xbox One when it’s all said in done is probably going to be anywhere between $400 and $600 if you ask me, but even if it ended up being $600 it would be worth every penny, a lot of penny’s, but worth every one.