Adorable HeroClix Bioshock Infinite miniatures set to hit store shelves this summer

WizKids Games has announced a partnership with Irrational Games to bring you, the consumer, Bioshock Infinite HeroClix mini-figures/toys/children’s playthings. The Starter Pack and Gravity Feed collection will launch this summer and are both available for pre-order at various online retailers.

The Starter Pack contains six figures, two maps, Powers and Abilities Cards, Object and Terrain tokens, dice, and a rulebook, which is everything you need to get started (hence the clever name). The six miniatures included in the Starter Pack are recognizable main protagonists Automated Stallion, Handyman, and Flakman, with lesser-known characters Daisy Fitzroy, Elizabeth, and Booker DeWitt rounding out the collection.

For those who want a whole bunch of stuff all at once, the 24-figure Gravity Feed collection is also available for your hard-earned cash. This collection contains 14 different characters like Booker, Elizabeth, the Motorized Patriot, Zachary Comstock, the Boys of Silence (who are adorable tiny-sized and I can no longer ever be frightened of them ever), and more. The various figures sit atop a special Combat Dial tailored specifically for each one, which hopefully means there is a button under it that can cause Booker to use any of his Vigors (the best one was Undertow, because FACTS).

For more info on Bioshock Infinite HeroClix, look right over here. Anyone gonna pick any of these up and bash them together to simulate violence like we used to as kids?!

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