inFamous: Second Son high-res screenshots revealed!

For your weekend viewing pleasure, Sucker Punch Studios decided to release some eye-popping screenshots from the third installment of the series, inFamous: Second Son. With Cole McGrath out of the picture, Native American street artist Deslin Rowe takes over and does it ever look good!

And boom goes the dynamite...
“Anyone order two fried soldiers from the Department of Unified Protection? No? That’s okay, it was fun anyway.”

Deslin can control smoke (via use of the DualShock 4’s touchpad) and absorb the power of his enemies, as well as hurl what appears to be fire and all kinds of brimstone. Between using air ducts spread throughout the city to travel, using smoke to confuse the DUP, replenishing your powers from chimneys and flaming wreckage, hurling fireballs and even using a smoke-dash maneuver, it looks like Second Son is going to be one hell of a launch title for the PlayStation 4!

I’ve enclosed more pictures as well as the original reveal trailer just to get you excited. I really and truly love my Xbox, but Sony is really making it easy to love them this time around. Maybe they’ve learned from their mistakes. What do you guys think? Is inFamous: Second Son on your holiday wishlist?

Ghost Rider is going to be pissed when he discovers his chain in missing…
With such advancement in light and shadows, you can practically see the metal overheating.