Dragon’s Crown’s Dwarf and Elf characters are revealed in detail with new character videos

Atlus has revealed two new character videos for their upcoming hack and slash beat ’em up magical adventure, Dragon’s Crown. The first video centers around the realistically proportioned Dwarf character, who wields dual weapons, is super strong and acrobatic, and can blow enemies to smithereens with bombs and THE POWER OF HIS OWN MIND. The second video is all about the Elf, who can evade attacks as swift as the wind, attach elemental power to her arrows (though she can only carry a finite amount), and can dish out quick attacks and flip around like a break-dancer when enemies get too up close and personal.

Dragon’s Crown will be available for the PS3 and Vita (for $50 and $40, respectively) on August 6th, and can be pre-ordered now. Those who pre-order or are lucky enough to get early copies will also nab a 64-page full color artbook. Info on this nifty pre-order bonus as well as an in-depth look at Dragon’s Crown‘s characters and story can be found at its website. VIDEOS BELOW.

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