Rayman Legends spins its helicopter head towards the PlayStation Vita this September

Ubisoft have announced that their newest title in the Rayman series, Rayman Legends, is heading to the PS Vita this September in North America, so it can launch alongside its console brethren (that’s adorable!). The Vita version of Rayman Legends will include all the bells and whistles of the console versions, but with the added exclusiveness of five new maps playable with series green bottle fly, Murphy (who is controlled by the Rear Touch Pad, for added interactivity!). There are also two multiplayer modes available through Wi-Fi: co-op play that gamers can play with each other as long as they are in the same country, and competitive play with online challenges and leaderboards.

But that isn’t enough for you people, IS IT?! Ubisoft knows how greedy you are, which is why they are also including two exclusive costumes: a Prince of Persia outfit for Rayman and a stealthy Splinter Cell getup for Globox (both are Ubisoft franchises, so no one can sue, UNLESS UBISOFT SUES THEMSELVES). Rayman Legends will be out on the Vita, 360, PS3, and the “this version is actually ready right now” WiiU on September 3rd. More info on our favorite videogame protagonist from France can be found here. Check out a majestic trailer below!

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