Scourge: Outbreak introduces Echo Squad’s muscle

This summer promises the Xbox LIVE debut of Scourge: Outbreak, the newest from Tragnarion Studios. The futuristic shooter will feature four elite mercenaries that make up Echo Squad who are contracted to take down the Nogari Corporation.  The first Echo Squad member we meet is SAS veteran, Mass.

James “Mass” Lang is the muscle bound tank of Echo Squad who is carrying a secret from his past that threatens to put himself and his team in danger. This secret is what drives Mass in his mission against the Nogari Corporation.  Mass takes advantage of his superior strength in melee combat and his Ambrosia Suit (advanced technology from the corporation he has sworn to take down) enables him to create his Static Shockwave energy blast to annihilate anyone unfortunate to be in its path.

Echo Squad’s mission has dual parts: rescue a double agent trapped behind enemy lines and find the meteorite fragment that Nogari possesses that is thought to be the source of their ‘Ambrosia Fuel Technology’. This same technology is possibly connected to the plagues that have swept across the world.

The co-op campaign is short, with only 6 hours or so of game play but allows up to four players to team up. Each of the characters- Shade, Amp, Stonewall and of course, Mass- has their own unique story told often through flashbacks that reveals each one’s motivation.  The game also includes different multi-player modes that allows up to 8 players.

Scourge: Outbreak can be downloaded on Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft points on July 3, 2013.

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