The Last of Us demo is officially unlocked!

So for those of you who purchased God of War: Ascension, you undoubtedly have already started to download the demo that unlocked today for The Last of Us. As for the rest of us chumps, we’ll have to wait two more entire weeks before getting to play! The demo shows two different areas of the game with radically different combat scenarios for you to survive. There aren’t any spoilers (other than what we’ve seen or heard gossip about) and you’ll get to meet one new character in addition to getting a good handle on what is driving Joel and Ellie through this horror.

As for me, I’m on full media-blackout (ironic, I know, and has been quite difficult to accomplish) and am enduring heart palpitations in anticipation of this PS3 exclusive. The Last of Us will cost $59.99 for the regular edition, and for suckers such as myself, $79.99 for the Survival Edition. If you pre-order at GameStop, they’re offering an exclusive bonus DLC pack that you might want to check out. June 14th can’t come fast enough!