New Kickstarter for Creator of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood

Every day, countless of new games and ideas appear on Kickstarter and it would be impossible to showcase all the talent and creative ideas that pop up on the site. However, there is one game that is currently gaining a lot of steam on the site on the way to their lofty goal of generating $900,000 to be able to develop their game.

The game is being developed by Pencil Test Studios, who have partnered with Doug TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood. If you haven’t had a chance to play either of these games, I would recommend doing so as they are two of the most creative games I’ve ever played. Earthworm Jim is available on the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade while Neverhood was a PC game from 1996 that may be a bit harder to find.

The game that they are currently trying to fund is called Armikrog and it’s a point-and-click adventure game that is made entirely of clay, which would be the spiritual successor to Neverhood. They have assembled most of the team that developed Neverhood to help create this brand new adventure. The story for the new game is based around a space explorer named Tommynaut and his blind, alien, talking dog named Beak-Beak. They crash on a mysterious planet and end up trapped in a fortress called Armikrog.

They promise that the game will feature:

  • Quirky and lovable characters
  • Unique worlds
  • A compelling story
  • Mind-bending puzzles
  • Great animation
  • Tons of clay!

They have created this Kickstarter looking to raise $900,000 which sounds like a nearly impossible feat, but after only 3 days they have already raised $364,701! Now here at That VideoGame Blog we don’t like to tell you to do things, but I strongly suggest that you support this game. Is that direct enough? We need more creative games like this on the market!!!

The game will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.

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